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Company Profile

The media strategy consulting agency owned by Yossi Kucik and Merav Parsi-Zadok in partnership with Daphna Triwaks is a leading firm, serving clients from both private and public sectors, as well as NGOs. The firm maintains a long-standing professional relationship with the global PR network Strategies Hill + Knowlton and manages the public relations aspects of international corporations active in various industries, including technology, finance, R&D, tourism, and more.

The company’s clients are professionally and personally managed by Merav Parsi-Zadok and Daphna Triwaks, both have long years of extensive proven experience in areas such as media consulting, public relations, and media strategy in all its aspects. 

This experience provides the company's clients with a set of tools and abilities necessary when facing opinion leaders and policy makers from various economic sectors in the media and public arena.

Parsi - Zadok - Kucik - Triwaks provides its services to companies, corporations, and Israeli and international organizations, both in the private and the public sector.

The company’s team of consultants has proven capabilities in regards to professional service and working alongside variety of clients. The consultants work includes a multistep process of defining the goals and objectives in cooperation with the client; exploring the various alternatives; and eventually, implementing the plan approved by the client in order to achieve the goals and objectives.

For us - the client and its goals are at the center.

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